Some Home Energy Audit Suggestions

An online energy audit is the first step toward creating a more efficient home. Once you understand how the energy is being used in your home, you can take steps toward reducing that usage. Many homeowners are amazed to discover that they are actually wasting quite a lot of energy on a daily basis. Old appliances, outdated wiring, and poorly insulated walls or ceilings can cost an incredible amount of energy loss. This lost energy costs you money when you pay your power bills, and it has an impact on the environment because more energy needs to be created to maintain your home.

Perform Your Own Audit

For a quick home energy audit that will give you a general idea of your potential energy consumption, you can use online forms that compare your energy bills to those of people who own similar houses in your area. You can also look at your large appliances – if they carry an energy star seal that means that the appliance has been rated by a government organization that ensures they meet energy efficiency guidelines from the US Department of Energy. Take the time to inspect the seals around windows and doors to see if there are gaps where hot or cool air could be transferred from your home.

Have a Professional Audit Your Home

A professional heating and cooling agent can perform the most detailed home energy audit. They will use special equipment to gauge your energy usage, and then make specific recommendations for you to reduce unnecessary usage. Professional auditors can find even the most difficult leaks with infrared cameras and blower doors. If you’re serious about reducing your energy usage, hiring a professional is your best option. They won’t just find the leaks, they’ll have the knowledge to help you seal them up permanently.