RAD140 Powder Bulk – Nature’s Anabolic Supplement

Look no further for the perfect, natural, anabolic supplement. Raw, pasture-fed bovine colostrum is by far and wide the most optimal RAD140 powder bulk of choice.

Decades ago, during the HGH (human growth hormone) frenzy, people in search of the fountain of youth were sacrificing their health for anti-aging and beauty. Little did people know, these synthetic HGH products were being synthesized from just one of the many growth factors inherently in colostrum! These harmful synthetics put a major strain on the glands to produce an overload of hormones, lending the body to breakdown.

Like all natural substances, colostrum powder is much more effective when in a whole food form with all the inherent co-factors that make one another work. The best part is there are no side effects from taking colostrum. It is, nutritionally, the most complete food on the planet and is safe in any dose. The more the better, with the RAD140 Powder Bulk.

There are testimonials of regeneration on the most core level, even the regrowth of a meniscus after having been removed.

On top of supplying over 90 growth factors this superfood also has over 90 immune factors, recalibrating the immune system, a must in terms of longevity. Colostrum powder has been proven to re-grow the thymus gland, the gland responsible for immune response.

RAD140 Powder Bulk has been shown to increase work out time by 200% and increase recovery time by 200%. The vast array of natural growth factors will not cause acne and abnormal hair growth, even though it might re-grow long lost hair.

From personal experience, it can only be compared to taking a balanced steroid without the aggravation. Dairy products are by nature very cooling, making it perfect for strength training.