How To Decipher a Car’s Vehicle Identification Number

Much the same as everybody has a Social Security number, each vehicle that is fabricated has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or nash metropolitan serial number. The car business began utilizing the VIN in the mid 1950s. The VIN is a progression of numbers and letters scratched on a little metal plate. The VIN tag is situated on the most distant corner of the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle (pretty much where the dashboard meets the front window).

While to the undeveloped eye, the VIN just looks an irregular arrangement of letters and numbers. Yet, when you realize how to peruse the VIN, it educates a wide range of data concerning the particular vehicle that you are taking a gander at. You can discover where the vehicle was produced, who fabricated the vehicle and numerous traits (motor sort, body style and model) all from the numbers and characters in the VIN.

Albeit as the years progressed, the VIN has had an alternate number of characters, the current VIN standard has 17 characters. What’s more, strikingly enough, the letters I, O and Q are not permitted in the VIN number. Here is a breakdown of the numbers and characters that make up the VIN for every vehicle.

Position 1 – Country where vehicle was made

Position 2 – The name of the organization that fabricated the vehicle

Position 3 – Vehicle type and assembling division

Positions 4 – 8 – Vehicle Descriptor Section – explicit to every producer

Position 9 – Check digit – assists with distinguishing the exactness of the VIN

Position 10 – Model year of the vehicle

Position 11 – Assembly plant where the vehicle was really assembled

Positions 12 – 17 – Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS) This is a number that is extraordinary to every vehicle – in a manner simply like your Social Security Number

So as to precisely peruse and comprehend the VIN for a particular vehicle, you will require an “interpretation” directly. This will assist you with decoding the points of interest of each code. It tends to be found via looking for “VIN Information” on the Internet.